PayMatters are now included on the Affiliate Members page of APSCo.

Editor | 20 April 2012
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Expenses Policy Reminder

This is a reminder of an employees responsibilities in respect of sending in or retaining expense receipts.

When becoming a freelance contractor there are a number of important decisions you need to make. The first is ensuring you get a contract that best suits your skills and not just offers the best rate of pay but will still present you with opportunities to increase your skill set and so contribute to your career.

Editor | 29 September 2011
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When a contractor leaves PayMatters we are always keen to know why and our aim is to ensure that the experience of being employed through PayMatters Umbrella Company has been a good one.

Editor | 11 May 2011
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About PayMatters

PayMatters was founded in 2008 by Miles Grady and Nicholas Holmes. PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP and PayMatters LLP are established providers of pay and taxation solutions to UK contractors. During the past 12 months we have provided services and advice to over 3,000 contractors. We currently have over 1,500 contractors being paid through one of our services.

Our main focus is Customer Service and ensuring people are paid accurately, compliantly and on-time, everytime.

PayMatters Limited (Umbrella Company) and PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP (Provider of accountancy services to small owner managed limited companies) have successfully become APSCo affiliate members.

Editor | 22 March 2012

PayMatters and PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP are pleased to announce that following an extensive audit of our systems, paperwork and procedures we have gained approval from Professional Passport.

Working through your own Limited Company is often the most financially rewarding, however does bring some further responsibilities. This guide will take you through the benefits, responsibilities and the process of setting up.

Editor | 29 September 2011

If you are a contractor considering using an umbrella company or a recruitment consultant looking for a reliable company to refer to then you may be interested in some of our recent feedback:

Evolution Recruitment signs deal with contractor accountancy firm PayMatters.

Warrington based IT recruitment firm, Evolution Recruitment have appointed PayMatters as their provider of choice for contractor accountancy services including Umbrella employment and Own Limited Company services. This deal allows all of Evolution’s contractors to be paid promptly with a minimum of administration.