Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Umbrella.co.uk

Individuals with different cultures, perspectives and experiences are at the heart of Umbrella.co.uk. We want everyone who works with or interacts with Umbrella.co.uk in any way to feel appreciated and celebrated for who they are.

We value and support diversity as an equal opportunity employer, working within the spirit and practice of the Equality Act 2010 by promoting a culture of respect and dignity and actively challenging discrimination should it ever arise.

We are committed to ensuring that staff recruitment, retention and career development is on merit, based on justifiable job requirements and equality of opportunity for all applicants and staff. We support our managers to demonstrate principles of diversity and inclusion in their everyday activities, roles and functions.

We believe that equality, inclusion and diversity are key to creating and maintaining a happy and productive workforce. To us, it is a culture, not just a policy to be reviewed once a year and filed away. It is who we are.

We are committed to fostering a culture that allows all individuals to bring their authentic selves to work every day without any fear of detrimental treatment from anyone. We value differences of opinion and different perspectives on the world, and together this helps create an inclusive culture in which everyone feels valued for their differences.


Our Policies, Commitments and Pledges

We have a robust Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policy that is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that we continue to make progress, recognising that there is still work to do. You can view the latest version of the policy here.

As a company, we have also signed up to several schemes to help ensure that we continue to learn, act, and grow in supporting our staff.


Disability Confident Committed

We have signed up to the Disability Confident scheme that helps employers recruit and retain great people, and to:

  • Challenge attitudes and increase understanding of disability
  • Draw from the widest possible pool of talent
  • Secure high-quality staff who are skilled, loyal and hard-working
  • Improve employee morale and commitment by demonstrating fair treatment

There are 3 levels designed to support employers on their Disability Confident journey. These are:

  • Disability Confident Committed (Level 1)
  • Disability Confident Employer (Level 2)
  • Disability Confident Leader (Level 3)

We are currently working towards achieving our Level 2 status to be a Disability Confident Employer. Check back here for updates on our progress to achieve this.


Wellbeing of Women

We have signed the Wellbeing of Women’s Menopause Pledge in being committed to supporting women in work.

Using recommendations from the European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS), we will strive to ensure employees going through the menopausal transition are supported to the best of our ability.


Endometriosis Friendly Employer Scheme

We are part of the Endometriosis Friendly Employer Scheme. The scheme is a way for employers to confirm their commitment to developing a work environment and culture that enable employees with endometriosis to thrive at work.

At the end of our first year as an Endometriosis Friendly Employer, we must demonstrate that we have met the three main principles of the scheme. These principles are:

Leadership and management support: vital to ensure the employer is committed to becoming and Endometriosis Friendly Employer and that change will happen.

Tackling stigma and changing culture: so those with the disease can have the confidence and trust to discuss their condition with their manager.

Communications: to raise awareness of endometriosis, the support offered and how this can be accessed.

Check back here for updates on our progress in demonstrating these principles.


Celebrating Diversity at Umbrella.co.uk HQ

We have a diverse workforce here at Umbrella.co.uk, and we do our best to ensure that everyone is represented and celebrated. One of the ways we do this is through regular events and celebrations throughout the year and raising money for numerous charities to support a wide variety of causes.