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At Umbrella we are always keen to review and access our service and as such request feedback from any contractor that leaves our company. This would help us identify any area of the service that could be improved.

Please find below some of the excellent reviews we have received from contractors working through our umbrella company, PayMatters. I would like to thank Peter and his team for their continued efforts to ensure that PayMatters provide a fast and efficient service. Their goal is to also ensure contractors get paid accurately, on time, everytime and that any query by email or telephone is actioned fast and professionally. Miles Grady BA Econ (Hons) ACA Director

editor | 21 July 2012
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On Linkedin our New Business Team members have been receiving rave reviews from recruitment agencies with temporary placements who work though our PAYE Umbrella Company.

4Dm1n | 29 September 2011
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When a contractor leaves PayMatters we are always keen to know why and our aim is to ensure that the experience of being employed through PayMatters Umbrella Company has been a good one.

At Paymatters, every month we survey all people that have left our umbrella company service. We strongly believe that feedback from leavers is, if there are any issues or complaints, the best way to improve our service.

People googling "Which is the Best Umbrella Company?" will find many sites listing the "Top 10 Umbrella's". Most of these sites however are sites where you have to pay for listings.

PayMatters the Contractor Umbrella Company have just released to their staff the latest findings from their customer reviews.