Editor | 11 November 2014
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At Umbrella we are always keen to review and access our service and as such request feedback from any contractor that leaves our company. This would help us identify any area of the service that could be improved.

Editor | 23 September 2014
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The project objective was to build a robust customer focused site to support Umbrella.co.uk’s growth strategy. A professional design has been delivered successfully which will attract potential new clients as well as service existing clients. An ongoing program of exciting enhancements are planned such as video guides and contractor landing pages.

Editor | 21 July 2014
London forms a central part of an ambitious growth plan for umbrella.co.uk and are delighted to announce the September opening of new offices, in Aldersgate, London. 
Editor | 2 April 2014

If you are already on our new updated website www.umbrella.co.uk then we hope you like our new look.

Editor | 12 March 2014

We are delighted to announce that following the successful acquisition of umbrella.co.uk PayMatters Limited are going to be going through an exciting rebrand to Umbrella.

At Umbrella we are delighted to employ through our Umbrella Company a high number of Polish, Romanian or Moldovan contractors working in the UK. To help this process we have undergone a full translation of our Umbrella Company documentation and paperwork to Polish (język polski, polszczyzna) and Romanian (Daco-Romanian or Moldovan).

Editor | 16 September 2014

Umbrella.co.uk the leading UK tax, accounting and payroll services group has agreed a partnership with Cloud accounting provider FreeAgent. Umbrella.co.uk is to migrate their entire client base of UK freelancers and contractor from their previous cloud accounting solution.

Editor | 20 June 2014
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Specialist Contractor Accountancy Practice Umbrella Accountants have recently taken on four University Graduates as part of their continuing expansion plans.
Editor | 14 March 2014
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We are proud to announce our official re-brand! After the acquisition of umbrella.co.uk, Paymatters Limited has undergone an evolutionary re-brand to become Umbrella!

At Paymatters, every month we survey all people that have left our umbrella company service. We strongly believe that feedback from leavers is, if there are any issues or complaints, the best way to improve our service.