Enjoy the unbeatable benefits of Umbrella Rewards. VIP Perks for you and your family!

Umbrella Member Rewards

Your exclusive benefits and wellbeing platform from Umbrella Rewards. An employee perks program that sources perks that matter to help you live a better and healthier life. Find out everything you need to know about our unbeatable ‘Perks at Work’ platform.

  • Access to 30,000+ national and local employee discounts.
  • Over 20 different categories ranging from electronics, home appliances, food, groceries, car buying, travel, fitness and more.
  • Save £1,000 a year on your everyday expenses.
  • Instant e-codes and discount codes plus earn WOWPoints.
  • We care about helping you save on your everyday shopping, whether it is groceries or a dinner out with your loved ones.

  • Break a sweat with 1,000s live and on demand classes. Choose from CrossFit,
  • barre fitness, pilates to dance cardio and more.
  • Relax with mindful meditation and yoga classes.
  • Join free cooking classes with Chef Sarah on how to make feel good family food using fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  • Gain back time from meal planning / prep with up to 50% off recipe boxes like Hello Fresh and Mindful Chef.
  • Up to a 20% discount at gyms across the UK.
  • Relax with experiences from Groupon, Red Letter Days and Buy A Gift.

Live Classes

  • 100+ free virtual courses for kids and adults, focused on learning and fun.
  • Taught by the highest quality teachers, instructors and speakers from our community.
  • Attend courses live on Thursdays or watch them on-demand, the courses are designed to fit into your unique schedule.

On-Demand Classes

  • Over 2,500 video classes on demand on dozens of topics.
  • Kids tell us they love classes such as coding python, drawing, karate and hip hop dance.
  • Wellness and learning classes include managing back pain, boxing, fitness, dance, cooking, yoga, nidra and much more.
  • Listen in to thought leaders on negotiation, leadership and culture.
  • Live and on-demand classes are FREE for all Perks at Work members.

Follow these simple steps to get started and start saving...

  1. Go to and click ‘Sign up for free’.
  2. Under ‘Work Email’ enter your personal email address (this should be the one you used when registering with
  3. Under ‘Company Name’ enter Umbrella-Company (case sensitive).
  4. Click ‘Continue’ and create a password.
  5. Click ‘Create My Account’ and start saving!

Refer a Friend

Here at Umbrella we understand the importance of providing the highest quality services to our customers. We know that happy customers actively promote us to their friends and colleagues.

Therefore we believe we should reward this loyalty and so will give you:

  • A £40 Amazon voucher for you and your friend when you recommend them to
  • £200 for every successful Umbrella Accountancy referral.

Find out more and see our referral terms and conditions >


  • Robert was excellent. I recently signed up and he was knowledgeable, helpful and quick to give me the info I needed to make a decision. Great representative of the company who knows his stuff.Rich A. February 2022

  • Very simple and understandable...Christina Parker February 2022

  • Very professional company. Great company, spoke to one of their BDE's, Robert Charlton who was extremely helpful and professional and answered all my questions with aplomb :)Susan Mac Nicol February 2022

  • Great experience so far. Robert Charlton was very helpful with the breakdown of my new contract via My agency told me this morning that is quite prompt and will get all my contracts sorted out before COP today and this is the case so I'm very impressed.Yinka Falase February 2022

  • Quick Friendly Easy professional umbrella service. First time I've dealt with an Umbrella company and Josh made the whole process quick and easy. 10/10 thank you for being so helpful explaining everything.John S February 2022

  • I've just signed up with Umbrella and I have to say my first impression of them is excellent! Phone was answered straight away and the assistant, Josh, was so helpful. He was very happy to explain lots of things before asking for any of my personal data - really great initial service. After the call I had a couple of additional things I needed help with. I emailed Josh and got responses back so quickly. So far I am a very happy client indeed!Debs February 2022

  • Emily is a legend, very bright, helpful and full of enthusiasm I hope other staff are similar!David Ryell February 2022

  • have been very quick to respond to any queries I've had. My personal contact is Lauren, she's been very helpful. I've been with them for 3 months and would recommend them based on my experience so far.Kym January 2022

  • I joined Umbrella as an interim from another company. They have been fab - things happen but they always are prompt, sort it out, v informative. I am v impressed by them. I als feel that I work with a company that cares about its staff.Jane December 2021

  • Due to my own fault I needed a copy of p60 for 2018 and 2019. I mailed and the following day I received them by email. Thank you Laura Royston and Umbrella - EXCELLENT service. HenrikH Hellkvist November 2021