Workplace Pension

From October 2012, all employers were required by law to offer a workplace pension

Current legislation requires employers to enrol their employees into a workplace pension.  We currently comply with the law by enrolling our employees into a pension scheme with the pension provider NEST, but only after the employee has been with for 12 weeks. 

From 6 April 2019, we will be changing our workplace pension provider. The pension scheme is the Carey Trust and it will be administered by our main provider Centralus. 

Contributions taken from 6 April will be paid to Centralus to invest in the Carey Trust.  If you have contributed to NEST, your retirement pot with NEST will remain with NEST and you will continue to have online access to your pension details.  For more information about transferring your NEST pension to Centralus please contact NEST.

Centralus will be in touch with you once you have been enrolled in the scheme they administer and you will have 24/7 online access to your pension information via their portal.

This is the same new portal where you will also be able to view your payslip and access NEW Umbrella Rewards. 

It has been a fantastic experience working with Umbrella over the last few weeks and I’ll definite be in touch again if I need to do contract work again.

Olugbenga A (March 2016)