Expenses Policy reminder

20 April 2012

Expenses Policy Reminder

This is a reminder of an umbrella company's employees responsibilities in respect of sending in or retaining expense receipts.

Subsistence Claims at Scale Rate Amounts (ie the £5 or £10 rates)

We do not normally need to see evidence of receipts but may from time to time ask you to prove that subsistence (meal/drinks) were purchased on a day that you have claimed. We therefore request that wherever you buy food or drink and it is possible to gain a receipt please obtain and keep a copy for your records. The important part is that on a day you claim you must incur an expense while out at work. The receipt can be for a higher or lower amount than the rate we pay as our rate is based on an HMRC approved acceptable amount.

Mileage in Own Car

For every 10 miles claimed (at 45p per mile) we require approximately £1.40 of petrol receipts. If it is easier to manage please just send us copies of all petrol receipts.

Other Expenses

We require receipts for all other expense items.

Please note receipts can be sent by email, fax or by Freepost.