Most UK firms in four-day work week trial opt to continue

A large trial of the four day working week in UK companies has been hailed a ‘major breakthrough’, with almost all of the participating companies choosing to continue using a shortened working pattern.

Staff participating in the scheme reported a much improved work-life balance and companies reported maintained or improved business productivity in almost every case.

The six-month trial, which involved 61 companies, found that 56 of them will continue with the four-day week, with 18 opting to make it a permanent change.

Apprenticeship Levy under fire from employers

Employers and HR bodies have called for urgent reform of the Apprenticeship Levy. Some critics say the current system is inflexible and inaccessible, while others complain it benefits people that are already in management positions.

Tesco’s Chief Executive Ken Murphy has been particularly scathing of the scheme, which affects all large employers - including umbrella companies.