Umbrella.co.uk Costs

Using an umbrella company means that you can claim allowable business expenses without the hassle of setting up a limited company

Margin charged by Umbrella.co.uk 

There is no charge for joining Umbrella.co.uk. We only retain a flat weekly margin if you are paid.

Your margin is related to the agreement we have with your agency and the gross margin is processed as an expense in order for you to benefit from additional tax and NI savings on your wages.

If you choose Umbrella Max, your margin includes our Rewards Package which gives you Personal Accident Cover, Friday Payments and discount shopping vouchers from major high street brands.  Find out more.

We are able to offer a professional HMRC compliant service, whatever competitive margin you pay, as we have invested heavily in automated systems that ensure invoicing, tax calculation and collections are promptly and accurately performed.

Call one of our experienced advisers now to find out what your margin would be and receive a personal illustration. Call: 0800 121 651. 

Download the Umbrella Guide to Contracting


Additional Services

We offer a comprehensive and great value Umbrella service, but we appreciate some of our customers would like extra services and support. For a small fee we can provide the following additional services:

Manual processing of expenses£ 3.00
Conducting one-off review of expenses * Max£5.00
Reprocessing payroll£20.00
Same day payments * Max£6.00
Payments outside of regular payroll schedule£25.00
Posting payslips and pay summaries * Max£1.50
Duplicate pay or earnings documentation£10.00
HMG instructed payroll adjustments£3.00
Statement/Certificate of Earnings£15.00
Reference letters for 3rd parties£15.00
Confirmation of employment letter£15.00
* Max These services are included in our Umbrella Max Package. Guaranteed Friday Payments, discount shopping vouchers and personal accident cover are just some of the great perks of going Max. Find out more 
"I’m really glad I opted for the max package as personal accident insurance was included. I got injured from a fall and it paid out £1,866 which really helped keep up my mortgage payments." Daniel R

I have only good things to say about Umbrella, their customer service is excellent, and they are very efficient.

Colin L June 2015