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Contractors helping plug skills gap

New research shows that contractors play a crucial role in the economy, helping plug a widening workforce skills gap.

The Association for Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), however, says the flexible labour market isn’t fit for purpose.

Umbrella.co.uk has become an APSCo Trusted Partner

Nick Holmes, CEO at Umbrella.co.uk, said: “We are proud and excited to announce our membership status move to Trusted Partner is now complete.”


APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing Companies) is the regulatory body for recruitment businesses and as a Trusted Partner, Umbrella.co.uk is monitored and regulated by APSCo’s guidance. All members commit to a strict Code of Conduct and pass an external quality check with clients and candidates.

Hot on the heels of their last award our chosen insurance partner Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance has now been honoured as the Affiliate Member of the Year at the 2016 APSCo Awards for Excellence.

Their specialist insurance packages aimed at contractors were part of the services that won them the nod from the APSCo judges

Thomas Wynne from Kingsbridge said the company are “working with more recruiters than ever. With non-standard terms becoming the norm, and hirers exerting more control than ever before, the days in which a recruiter could accept no responsibility for any acts, errors, or omissions committed by the worker they supplied are long gone. Kingsbridge are there to help recruiters and make them aware of the risks they face. Many recruiters run a list of preferred suppliers for accountancy and umbrella service providers in order to ensure their contractors’ affairs are managed compliantly at all times, but many do not have an insurance partner ready to help manage the risk which arises from placing contractors.”

As an APSCo affiliate member we wish to extend our congratulations once more to Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance for this richly deserved win.

The British Embassy in Germany has taken a lead role in negotiations about a controversial law change that would restrict contractors to working in 18 month stints.

It is feared that this labour market inflexibility could be echoed in Britain.

The German proposals have been opposed by companies in the international recruitment sector, with the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) labelling the proposed changes ‘damaging’.

The British Embassy in Berlin has hosted executives from a number of large international recruiters and reportedly agreed to urge the German authorities to reconsider the reforms.

As the sun sets on the General Election, and the UK prepares for a five-year term for a Conservative majority Government, many in the contracting community are returning to a familiar debate: are the powers that be ready to treat the issues faced by the surging numbers of freelancers and contractors with greater urgency?

Job security is top concern for contractors

A new survey has revealed that almost two-thirds of freelancers and temporary workers have considered moving to other types of work, with the majority saying that job security was their main concern.

The survey, conducted by Bullhorn, found that 63% of temporary workers had thought about moving to permanent, part-time or full-time work.

comparing umbrella companies

New HMRC research has revealed that some of the most attractive ‘umbrella’ deals on comparison and broker websites aren’t tax-compliant, meaning they could land you with a big bill further down the line.

The companies that come out on top of these comparison listings usually boast unbelievable take home pay figures, together with other ‘too good to be true’ advantages. In reality, the only way umbrella companies can achieve these ‘enhanced’ or ‘advanced’ rates is through tax avoidance.

Remember, YOU are responsible for paying the right amount of tax. The tax man will come after YOU if you try and cheat the system. And if a deal sounds too good to be true, YOU know that it probably is.

At Umbrella.co.uk, we’re proud of our track record of protecting clients through compliance. We’re accredited by the FCSA and APSCo, two of the largest and most prestigious staffing and employment bodies. We have also been approved as business partners by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

marketing | 21 October 2016
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Huge congratulations to our partners Kingsbridge on their victorious win at the APSCo Awards for Excellence 2016: Affiliate Member of the Year.

This is well deserved recognition by APSCo for Kingsbridge who consistently provide our limited contractors with outstanding service and comprehensive cover at competitive prices.

marketing | 6 August 2015
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Demand for finance and accounting contractors has increased dramatically over the past year and is poised for further growth, a new report suggests.

APSCo have enquired and received clarification from HMRC in respect of the confusion that surrounded the employment intermediary reporting requirements for agencies where an agency worker is working through an Umbrella Company.

They have also confirmed that payment information will not be required when this is the case.

The confusion arose because on the face it more than one category could apply when reporting where an agency worker has been paid not through an agency’s own PAYE scheme.