PayMatters Contractor Umbrella Company - Latest Reviews

18 July 2012

PayMatters the Contractor Umbrella Company have just released to their staff the latest findings from their customer reviews.

Over 1,100 contractors scored the Umbrella Company on the following elements of the service:

SIgn-up process;

Welcome Pack Information;

Ease of use of Portal;

Payment Regularity;

Clarity of Payslips/Pay Summaries;

Umbrella Company Pay versus PAYE with Agency; and

Their Dedicated Account Manager.

The good news is that the average score of all elements scored between GOOD to VERY GOOD.

Even better news was the top ranking services were Payment Regularity and Account Manager meaning PayMatters are paying people on time, every time and that our customer service experience is also very good.

Thank you to all our Umbrella Company workers who responded to the survey.

For further information about working with PayMatters Contractor Umbrella Company please call 0800 121 6513.