Umbrella.co.uk are registered with HMRC for CIS and have gross status.

We will send you a monthly summary of gross and net payments made.

As part of our additional services, our accountancy division can help prepare your year-end tax return for a small additional cost.

What tax is deducted?

Where you have a UTR number and are fully registered for CIS then the normal tax rate we deduct at source is 20%.

What is the taxation if you are a sole trader or partner in a firm?

HMRC treat the CIS deductions from your invoices as up-front payments towards the tax and Class 2/Class 4 National Insurance contributions (NICs) due from your business. To ensure that you pay the right amount of tax for the year as a whole, you will need to submit the appropriate self-assessment tax return for your business.

Can I claim tax relief for expenses?

As self-employed you are taxed under Schedule D.

Expenses do not get processed weekly against your income but you should keep a record and all receipts (including travel) so you can include them in your self-assessment at the end of the year.

Our margin is retained before calculating your tax deduction so tax relief is automatically given.

Further information is available from the HMRC 

What insurances are provided with Umbrella.co.uk?

Public Liability - £10 million

Public liability is a type of insurance for businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries. It covers you if a client or member of the public claims they have been injured, or their property damaged, because of your business activities.

Professional Insurance - £5 million

Professional indemnity (PI) insurance is a commercial policy designed to protect business owners, freelancers and the self-employed if clients claim a service is inadequate. Any organisation which provides a professional service or gives advice could be sued if the recipient is unhappy with their work.

Take-home pay illustrations should not differ between umbrella companies

The team at Umbrella.co.uk have tools that enable them to give an estimated take-home pay. They can consider your personal circumstances such as tax code, student loans, pension or salary sacrifice, etc. These estimates can be really helpful when comparing contract roles against permanent roles, or inside IR35 roles against outside IR35 roles.

There are many umbrella companies in the marketplace. All should be using the same compliant tax system, and therefore your estimated take-home pay should not differ. The only difference should be the margin they take.

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