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Why Recruiters Need a Preferred Supplier List
marketing | 4 February 2019
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A preferred supplier list or PSL is list of pre-approved suppliers from which managers and employees can procure goods and services at a lower risk.

These lists are common for recruitment agencies as the contractors working through them tend to use the services of umbrella companies and other professional services providers.

Most agencies will require their PSL to be audited annually by external bodies, this reduces the likelihood of expensive compliance issues and other supply chain risks.

Recruitment Consultant

What do Recruitment Agencies or Recruitment Consultants look for when deciding which umbrella company to work with?

editor | 24 May 2013
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Paymatters, along with all other APSCo approved umbrella company suppliers, were contacted this week following a concern that had been raised to APSCo by an organisation expressing concern that some umbrella companies are competing or preparing to compete with recruitment agencies by providing services that recruitment agencies offer, including HR and direct placement services, to others in the supply chain". Miles Grady ACA BA Econ (Hons) , Finance Director at PayMatters, was able to confirm that PayMatters do not have any plans to compete with our agencies. Quite simply, we consider our agencies to be our business partners and we rely upon them to provide contractors to us. Competing with them would not make sense!

The new Tax Evasion Legislation for Recruitment Agencies
To prevent tax evasion, the new tax law makes recruiters criminally responsible.
Following on from recent tax scandals, including the Panama Papers and various loan write-off schemes, a new corporate “failure to prevent” offence is being introduced from 30th September with a severe penalty regime that should make all agencies sit up and take note.
With unlimited fines and the possibility of a criminal record a clear target is being painted on the backs of any part of the staffing supply chain that isn’t compliant. Of vital importance is the fact that an agency can be convicted even if no intent is established and the agency has not benefited financially from the arrangement.



Of interest to recruitment agencies who supply agency workers in the UK is the ruling on 31st July 2015 in the case of Coles v Ministry of Defence (Case Ref UKEAT/0403/14/RN).

Paymatters are excited to announce their 2,500th employee. Paymatters employ "contractors" to help them satisfy IR35 requirements and ease the administration and tax burden of people looking to contract in the UK.