Why Recruitment Consultants work with Umbrella

10/13/2015 - 13:08

What do Recruitment Agencies or Recruitment Consultants look for when deciding which umbrella company to work with?

The number 1 priority is to ensure the contractor is happy?

At Umbrella.co.uk our aim is to make the process of placing a contractor as smooth and as effortless as possible.

Our Service is our priority.

Our aim is to pay contractors accurately, on time, every time.

We understand that people want their money in the bank on Friday for the weekend.

We open longer on Fridays and Saturday mornings so anyone expecting to be paid is paid. We notify everyone who is not on the weekly payrun that they should contact us if they are expecting payment so that we can resolve any issue during the day. Where there has been an error by the agency we can look at advancing based on remittance rather than having to wait for the cash receipt.

We process most of our payruns on Wednesday and Thursday based upon remittance so there is plenty of time for any issues to be resolved.

We have simple  sign-up processes, e-sign employment contracts, Experian Entitlement to Work checks, paperless systems, daily pay runs.

Best for Contractor.

We can help a contractor benefit from any tax reliefs for which they are eligible we offer both an umbrella company or accountancy for those who wish to trade through their own limited company.

We offer a rewards programme to save money on shopping.


We stay on top of current legislation. Agency Workers Regulations, Pensions, Travel & Subsistence etc.  We are active members on various industry steering committees so are at the forefront of all major developments.

We have papers available on all key subjects if you would like further info.

We are Team Players.

At Umbrella we take pride in the relationships we build with recruitment agencies. We are keen sponsors in agency charitable events and active participants in social events and sporting challenges. We want to build a long term relationship that benefits both parties.

If you would like further information about working with Umbrella please call Dexter on 0800 121 6513 or email dexter.dyer@umbrella.co.uk