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Changes to agency worker rights that could affect you in 2020
marketing | 20 January 2020
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2020 will bring some important changes to UK employment law that will affect you if you work through an intermediary or employ agency workers.

Between the disruption caused by Brexit and landmark changes to IR35, you would be forgiven for missing some of these more minor employment law updates.

In this blog post, we’ll cover all of the employment law changes that are happening this year - both little and large - and explain how they could affect temporary employees and their employers.

With the population growing and deficits getting bigger at many hospitals up and down the country, all have been told to keep an eye on costs.

Guidance released last year asked hospitals to watch their staffing levels and extend the life of machinery and equipment

But one of the biggest targets in the cost saving exercise has been agency staff.

The spiralling cost of employing agency staff, which is set to cost the NHS £4bn this year, is one of the biggest reasons for the £2.2bn overspend. 

marketing | 24 March 2015
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ACAS (Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service) have released a report commenting on the impact of The Agency Workers Regulations that were released in the UK in 2011.

In Europe the aim of the Agency Workers Directive was to “establish a fair balance between two goals: improving the protection of agency workers (by establishing equal treatment) and supporting and recognising the positive role of agency work in bringing flexibility to the labour market (by encouraging the removal of excessive restrictions on this type of work)”. 

An article in the Daily Mail caught our eye this morning with the headline that Agency Workers working for the Brighton and Sussex Universities NHS Trust should also be considered when inviting staff to the annual Christmas Party.

ACAS have issued a survey of the effects of AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) 9 months after they came into force.

Employers Should Prepare for Good Work Plan Legislation

Buried deep in the Queen’s Speech, one of the government’s policy proposals is likely to have significant consequences for employers, workers and freelancers.

Speaking through the Queen, the Government stopped short of making firm employment law policy commitments, but it did affirm that it would “continue to deliver on the commitments set out in the Good Work Plan”.  

Of interest to recruitment agencies who supply agency workers in the UK is the ruling on 31st July 2015 in the case of Coles v Ministry of Defence (Case Ref UKEAT/0403/14/RN).

In the news this week it was reported that workers at CityLink (the delivery business with the yellow and green vans) received the news on Christmas Day that many would be losing their jobs with redundancies expected after New Year’s Eve.

Reaction continues to dominate the news in relation to the tribunal cases (Road maintenance company Bear Scotland v Fulton, engineering firm Amec v Law and industrial services group Hertel v Wood) that ruled that workers who regularly perform overtime should have these earnings reflected in their holiday pay as this is their “normal pay”.

4Dm1n | 3 October 2011
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What is AWR?

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) have been introduced to protect all temporary agency workers and to ensure you receive the same pay and working conditions as your permanent colleagues at the end client where you are working.