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A proposal to introduce a special new type of limited company called a “Freelancer Limited Company” has been submitted to the Chancellor of Exchequer by The Association of Independent Professionals and Self-Employed the IPSE (formerly PCG – Professional  Contractors Group)

editor | 6 September 2012
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If you are a contractor looking at trading for your own limited company how important is your company name especially in relation to IR35?

If you are a contractor looking to trade through your own limited company or personal services company (PSC) but are unable to open a business bank account because of a poor credit history then PayMatters can help.

Working through your own Limited Company is often the most financially rewarding, however does bring some further responsibilities. This guide will take you through the benefits, responsibilities and the process of setting up.

4Dm1n | 3 October 2011
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AWR is now in force and although comparable pay rights only come in after 12 weeks qualifying (24th December), certain other rights come into force immediately.

Social workers

Social workers operating through their own limited companies may fall under the HMRC spotlight as they look at sectors they consider to fall foul of IR35.

The number of insolvencies expected to affect UK companies is set to rise, according to analysts at, an established debt advice service. With more businesses failing to budget accordingly for HMRC liabilities, many SMEs (smal and medium sized enterprises) could be pushed over the edge.

If you are a contractor working through your own personal services limited company or employed through an umbrella company then it is important that if you missed the 31st January deadline for submitting your tax return (online) that you submit by the end of April.

4Dm1n | 2 November 2011
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When becoming a freelance contractor there are a number of important decisions you need to make. The first is ensuring you get a contract that best suits your skills and not just offers the best rate of pay but will still present you with opportunities to increase your skill set and so contribute to your career.