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Umbrella company cloning makes national headlines

The issue of umbrella company cloning has been covered by a national newspaper for the first time. It’s hoped the national news coverage could focus attention on an increasingly worrying issue and force Companies House and the government to act.

Earlier this week, The Mirror covered the ‘mass cloning’ of umbrella payroll companies and blamed Companies House for letting it happen.

Choosing a company name for your new business can often be a complex decision with you having to avoid similarly named businesses and exclude banned words such as implying you are a Government Body or a member of an industry/trade body (i.e. the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) control the use of the term Chartered Accountant).

From the 30th June, the Annual Return is changing. This document, which must be completed and sent to the Companies House at least once every 12 months, will change to become a Confirmation Statement from this date. 

One of the most significant changes attached to the Confirmation Statement is the requirement for companies to publish a list of 'People with Significant Control', explained in more detail below.

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At Umbrella we provide accountancy services for small owner managed limited companies and as part of this service we often act as the registered office making it easier for us to monitor Companies House and Tax Notices that require actioning.