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marketing | 14 October 2016
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HMRC has narrowly lost a First Tier Tribunal (FTT) case, in which the tax authority tried to make an employee pay outstanding PAYE liability on a bonus paid just before the company went into liquidation. And the case could have important consequences for some owner managers.
Unless it is appealed by HMRC, the tribunal could mean that more small business owner managers that are about to go into liquidation could make payments to themselves without paying all the tax liability to the crown.

HMRC Cost of Administering IR35
marketing | 16 March 2015
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HMRC has published the cost of administering IR35 and an estimate of the tax they think they’d lose if it was abolished. This despite the cost of administering IR35 greatly outweighing the cash collected from IR35 investigations.

The report estimates the cost of administering IR35 to be £16m and the tax that would be lost if it was abolished to be £550m.

Scottish Income Tax

From April 2016 Umbrella Company Workers in Scotland could be subject to different rates of Income Tax (PAYE) than other umbrella company workers in the rest of the UK. This follows new legislation via The Scotland Act 2012.

4Dm1n | 29 May 2012
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The HMRC have launched a new tax calculator.

The Chancellor. George Osborne, will deliver his Autumn Statement on 25th November 2015 and rumours have just been leaked that he is considering sweeping changes that will adversely affect UK contractors.

The Autumn Statement is in effect a mini budget.

Contractor One Month Rule

Over the weekend there were various reported leaks that The Chancellor is considering a new rule that would mean contractors who take a contract longer than one month would have to be paid PAYE by their end client after just one month. It is unclear if it would be from day 1 if it was known at the start that the contract would be for more than one month.

HMRC Late Filing
editor | 23 February 2015
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Some potentially good news for contractors who operate through their own limited company is that HMRC have relaxed their deadline for Limited Companies (with less than 50 employees) that are adjudged to be late filing their monthly PAYE returns and hence liable for a penalty.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has just completed his Autumn Statement on how the UK is going to manage it's deficit.

4Dm1n | 3 October 2011
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AWR is now in force and although comparable pay rights only come in after 12 weeks qualifying (24th December), certain other rights come into force immediately.