Economic Index for Europe

Warning to Contractors operating through their own Limited Companies

12/12/2014 - 09:58

At Umbrella we provide accountancy services for small owner managed limited companies and as part of this service we often act as the registered office making it easier for us to monitor Companies House and Tax Notices that require actioning.

Because we offer this service we also quite often receive invoices addressed to our clients. One such example we received today was from Economic Index for Europe for £445 for registration into their directory.

One warning sign can be where there is no VAT on the invoice despite appearing to be UK based.

Often companies send invoices for services that companies haven’t requested on the off chance that a sample of accounts departments or owners will simply just pay them. It is possible that you will be included in a directory but it’s economic worth is likely to fall well short of the £445 cost and is it really something you’d have agreed to?

Some businesses assume that the payment is required by Companies House or the Government.

Interestingly the Government have also highlighted Economic Index for Europe, New Companies Register (Digital) and National Register of Companies as companies to be aware of in their “Known Frauds and Scams” section.

If you are a contractor looking to operate through your own limited company please call Umbrella on 0800 121 6513.