Choosing a Company Name

6 September 2012

If you are a contractor looking at trading for your own limited company how important is your company name especially in relation to IR35?

Perhaps there are names that are better in helping avoid an IR35 investigation??

If you name your company John Smith Contractor or John Smith Freelancer does this imply you are a one man band contractor? I'd say YES!

If John Smith is supplying IT services would a company name along the lines of Smith IT Services be better? Or include the areas you are considering covering i.e. Manchester IT Services, Cheshire IT Services.

If you are looking to expand in the future then much better for your company name to not just be you.

When choosing a company name it is important that as well as checking Companies House that your name hasn't been used already for a Limitied COmpany but also that the domain name for your website is also available.