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It is the dreaded time of year to get around to completing your self-assessment tax return.

Tax Return Deadline

 Online tax returns should be submitted before the midnight 31st January 2016.

This is also the date any outstanding taxes need to be paid.

The deadline for paper tax returns was 31st October 2015.

Instead of putting it off and having the constant worry about it needing it doing contact today and we can help you get it completed within the next 2 working days.

If you are self-employed or a sole trader it is important that you keep a record of all your business income and expenses in order that you can complete your annual tax return. You also need to keep a record of other income you receive i.e. bank interest, dividends etc.

editor | 7 February 2014
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It's good to see that HMRC have a sense of humour when they published the 10 oddest excuses they have received from people who were late submitting their tax returns! 

Today, 18th March 2015, is the final budget before the General Election. At we will be reporting all the changes that will affect contractors, freelancers and umbrella companies.

Because this is the last budget pre-election many hope that it will be an opportunity for good news as the Tories will be keen to gain support.

editor | 20 February 2014
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If you have missed the 31st January deadline don't panic too much.

If you are more than a day late then you are already be subject to a £100 fine.