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Recruitment Live

Umbrella will be attending The Global Recruiters Recruitment Live Event today and tomorrow (25th and 26th November 2014).

Umbrella reviews
4Dm1n | 11 November 2014
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At Umbrella we are always keen to review and access our service and as such request feedback from any contractor that leaves our company. This would help us identify any area of the service that could be improved.

4Dm1n | 19 March 2014
/ / / / / have reviewed the 2014 Budget Statement for any key issues affecting UK contractors.

For very large employers and the employees working through them the first stage date for auto enrollment occurred on 1st October 2012.

Paymatters have just launched their umbrella and accountancy business partners page

Umbrella are proud to now display the APSCo Compliance Plus sign on our website as a recognition of APSCo’s best practice standard in the education and social work sectors. As an affiliate member of APSCo Umbrella are subject to an annual external compliance audit.

National Minimum Wage

The budget announced that the National Minimum Wage will increase in October 2014. Umbrella Company employees are paid at the National Minimum Wage Rate, a reimbursement of allowable expenses and a bonus or commission based on the surplus they generate. An increase in the national minimum wage can affect lower paid contractors meaning that if they fail to generate adequate income then they may not be eligible for the whole of their tax free expenses.
editor | 14 March 2014
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We are proud to announce our official re-brand! After the acquisition of, Paymatters Limited has undergone an evolutionary re-brand to become Umbrella!

People googling "Which is the Best Umbrella Company?" will find many sites listing the "Top 10 Umbrella's". Most of these sites however are sites where you have to pay for listings.

4Dm1n | 2 November 2011
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When becoming a freelance contractor there are a number of important decisions you need to make. The first is ensuring you get a contract that best suits your skills and not just offers the best rate of pay but will still present you with opportunities to increase your skill set and so contribute to your career.