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IR35 consultation documents shed little light on the future of the Intermediaries Legislation
marketing | 20 July 2015
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On Friday HMRC released the discussion document inviting contributions from the industry on how best to police the murky area of disguised employment.

At first glance the consultation seems conflicted proposing two equally unsatisfactory options and then asks for someone else to come up with the magic solution for this thorny issue.

Perhaps the most concerning element of the document can be found on page 8 where it is suggested that the engaging party rather than the PSC be held responsible for the deduction of TAX and NI exactly as they would for a normal employee. Based on how open to interpretation the current legislation is and how few successful cases HMRC bring against contractors it is surely unfair to expect the engager in these circumstances to make that decision and then enforce it onto a supplier that they want to keep on side.

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015
marketing | 9 April 2015
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The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 has received royal assent and is now therefore inforce. This is the first time an act has been passed specifically for helping small businesses.

Hire Away! The Sky Is The Limit As Construction Industry Keeps On Smiling
marketing | 27 April 2015
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Business confidence amongst the UK’s construction leaders – and many other firms in between – remains tip-top according to the latest research from accountants and business insight providers BDO.

With an employment index rating of above 113.0, the growth indications for UK construction remains a long-term trend and beyond: employers intend to keep on hiring, because there is work to be done and more is on the way.

Umbrella.co.uk's Jessica Evans joined us to chat over the latest good news for UK construction contractors: “The continued recovery – in fact, resurgence – of the UK’s building industry has really fuelled this continuous feelgood factor around the sector.”

4Dm1n | 20 June 2014
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Specialist Contractor Accountancy Practice Umbrella Accountants have recently taken on four University Graduates as part of their continuing expansion plans.