Hire Away! The Sky Is The Limit As Construction Industry Keeps On Smiling

04/27/2015 - 08:13

Business confidence amongst the UK’s construction leaders – and many other firms in between – remains tip-top according to the latest research from accountants and business insight providers BDO.

With an employment index rating of above 113.0, the growth indications for UK construction remains a long-term trend and beyond: employers intend to keep on hiring, because there is work to be done and more is on the way.

Umbrella.co.uk’s Jessica Evans joined us to chat over the latest good news for UK construction contractors: “The continued recovery – in fact, resurgence – of the UK’s building industry has really fuelled this continuous feelgood factor around the sector.”

“In 2013 around 40,000 new construction or construction-focused firms opened their doors to business. That was an increase of over 5,000 in one year, and makes for great reading if you’re a contractor looking for opportunities.”

“Housebuiliding stands out as a sector within UK construction that has really led a Lazarus-like recovery in the last few years. Demand for new homes is increasing, often outrunning demand, and Governmental initiatives to ease the buying process have really had a tangible effect in this regard.”

“We’ve also seen more commercial property projects come on line and with them more employment opportunities for freelancers and contractors. More development is one thing, but we’ve also seen shelved or postponed developments getting re-started, and dormant worksites springing back to life.”

“One of the UK’s largest house building groups, Persimmon, even has a forward-order book strong enough to ward off the downturn that traditionally accompanies that pre-election period in the UK. They have a sales revenue some 7% higher than last year, have sold over 7,000 new private homes and ramped up recruitment, with 300 new staffers expected on board. Theirs is a good case study showcasing the robustness of UK construction in 2015.”