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On the road: safety reminder and a welcome new partnership
marketing | 5 July 2016
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The latest research from AA Drivetech provides a timely reminder for contractors driving to fixed places of work for set time periods. Looking at road fatalities spanning 2009 to 2014, the study found that a higher number of drivers were killed whilst commuting on a regular journey than staff driving to varying destinations for work reasons, such as to meetings or when making deliveries.

Does car contract hire and leasing make sense for contractors?

The UK has long been different in some respects. Take property, for example. While swathes of continental Europeans and indeed Americans have for decades happily rented their properties, our homes very much remain our castles. It’s a similar story when it comes to cars, with over a quarter of motorists in the States leasing their vehicles.

“The UK is now fast cottoning on to why car leasing is often the financially savvy option, though”, comments Lee Wolstenholme, Director of Manchester-based Vehicle Consulting, a broker with over 12 years’ experience. “Cars depreciate the minute they are driven off forecourts, so taking out a traditional loan to buy a new vehicle typically leaves motorists with a car or van that has lost value considerably after a few years. Leasing, on the other hand, means you can simply hand the keys back at the end of the contract and the vehicle’s value isn’t yours to worry about”, Lee goes on to explain.

Smartphone compatibility revealed as hugely influential factor in choosing a vehicle

Fresh off the press at Nissan, the successful vehicle manufacturer proud of its significant UK workforce and general presence, is news that will no doubt particularly resonate with contractors and other businesspeople.

Thrusting a gentleman called Patrick Keenan into the spotlight, the firm behind the ubiquitous Qashqai SUV has pulled the covers off some interesting stats relating to what criteria car buying and leasing customers prioritise when choosing a particular make and model.