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How the Autumn Statement affects contractors who drive
marketing | 29 November 2016
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Starting with the more positive news for business motorists to come out of Phillip Hammond’s debut Autumn Statement, fuel duty has been frozen for the seventh consecutive year, meaning that contractors aren’t faced with having to dig deeper in order to put fuel in their vehicles, and nor are the firms some of them work for, such as couriers or construction companies.

The lamentable state of UK roads often results in delays along with damage to vehicles’ wheels, suspension and other components, so additional welcome news for contractors who drive is that an extra £1.1 billion will be provided by the government by 2020-21, aimed at relieving congestion and upgrading key roads. £220 million will also be spent on alleviating notorious pinch-points, helping the self-employed make more efficient use of their valuable time.

On the road: safety reminder and a welcome new partnership
marketing | 5 July 2016
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The latest research from AA Drivetech provides a timely reminder for contractors driving to fixed places of work for set time periods. Looking at road fatalities spanning 2009 to 2014, the study found that a higher number of drivers were killed whilst commuting on a regular journey than staff driving to varying destinations for work reasons, such as to meetings or when making deliveries.

Latest Audi technology helps contractors stay in touch on the move
marketing | 6 September 2016
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In today’s world of relentless communication and notifications, many people have become inseparably reliant on their mobile phones. This is especially true for businesspeople, particularly contractors, who are in charge of their own businesses and need to remain a phone call away from clients, subcontractors and others.

In-car technology is continuously improving and Audi, whose cars remain ever popular when it comes to business car leasing, has just announced an upgrade to the firm’s Phone Box technology that will make staying in touch even easier for contractors with iPhone 6 and 6s smartphones.

Smartphone compatibility revealed as hugely influential factor in choosing a vehicle

Fresh off the press at Nissan, the successful vehicle manufacturer proud of its significant UK workforce and general presence, is news that will no doubt particularly resonate with contractors and other businesspeople.

Thrusting a gentleman called Patrick Keenan into the spotlight, the firm behind the ubiquitous Qashqai SUV has pulled the covers off some interesting stats relating to what criteria car buying and leasing customers prioritise when choosing a particular make and model.