Help and Support

You will receive a welcome e-mail from our Welcome Team in which they will tell you where to find more information on the service should you need it.  They will also remind you of any further documentation we need. 

We have a Customer Services Team who provide a hands on service to all our customers.  They are conveniently split into Team Fire and Team Ice but any member of the team would be able to help you with any questions that might arise.  

All ringing phones are answered by a Customer Services Team member.  The average wait time is 11 seconds.   Your call to your Account Manager will never go to voicemail as it will always bounce to another team member if your Account Manager is not available.

Our Customer services team are available between 0830 and 1830 Monday to Thursday and 0830-1730 on Friday.  Outside those hours we have an answering service which passes queries to a duty member of staff by e-mail.  We can therefore answer urgent enquiries 24/7.