How Much Will I Take Home?

The amount of weekly or monthly take home pay you receive depends on a few key factors like your hourly or daily rate, how often you work and any allowable expenses you can claim

An umbrella employee you may be able to claim allowable expenses while working on a temporary site. The range of legitimate expenses can include things like travel and meal costs while traveling between locations, as well as hotel bills for when you are working away.

One size doesn't fit all. For a personalised take home pay illustration and best advice  speak to our experienced team today. Call: 0800 121 6513.  Download the Umbrella Guide to Contracting

At we also support our contractors after they’ve been paid.

Enjoy the unbeatable benefits of Umbrella Rewards. VIP Perks for you and your family! Personal doctor available on call 24/7, exclusive shopping discounts, fitness resources and professional counselling are just some of the amazing perks you and your family can benefit from.

To learn more about Umbrella expenses and rewards, or to get a rough estimate of how much pay you will take home each week, speak to a member of the accounts team today. Call: 0800 121 6513.  


Provide a very good service. Leaving only due to setting up my own Limited company Thanks for your help. 

Nathan B (March 2016)