Which is the Best Umbrella Company?

12 August 2012

People googling "Which is the Best Umbrella Company?" will find many sites listing the "Top 10 Umbrella's". Most of these sites however are sites where you have to pay for listings.

If you are looking for the best umbrella company then you are best going off recommendations off someone that has used the umbrella company.  Perhaps a colleague or a friend. Also google umbrella company reviews.

This is why at PayMatters we regularly monitor feedback from contractors working through our umbrella company. This is also why a large part of our new business comes from people who refer a friend.

Please visit our testimonials section to see some of the great feedback we have had. The consensus is we offer a fast, friendly, efficient and professional service.

In reality there are a large number of umbrella companies that offer an excellent service. All umbrella companies should operate in a similar way and your net take home pay should be similar which ever one you use.

If you would like a Free Take Home Pay Calculation please call PayMatters Umbrella Company on 0800 121 6513. We can also advise on working through your own limited company.

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