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An anti-corruption summit held in London last week reached several key agreements to help tackle worldwide corruption.

The summit will have important consequences for big companies hiding their money in certain tax havens and on the UK property market, where foreign companies will be forced to declare their interests in any property owned.

The summit made headline news for the wrong reasons before it had even started. Thanks to a blunder from David Cameron, the summit gained more press coverage than it otherwise might have received. 

MPs have reacted angrily to a fresh expenses crackdown, which could mean that they would be housed in ‘special serviced accommodation’ whilst staying in London.

News of this proposal comes just weeks after the Chancellor announced that some contractors caught out by IR35 legislation will no longer be able to claim travel and subsistence expenses in the new tax year.

Under the current guidelines, MPs are allowed to claim up to £20,600 per year for renting a London property. They can also claim a maximum of £150 per night if they stay in a hotel.