Contractors count the cost of returning to the office

Contractors count the cost of returning to the office

05/12/2022 - 10:39

After more than two years where remote work was the norm, many contractors are being recalled to client offices at a significant personal cost.

While there are benefits to working from a client’s site, many contractors are finding it difficult to swallow at a time when prices are increasing.

Before the pandemic, the average office worker was spending more than £1,700 on commuting each year.

Today, many contractors are only required to work from the office once or twice per week, so these costs are likely to be lower, but they are not insignificant.

Based on a rough estimate of £5.77 for lunch, £2.81 for coffee and £5.77 on a daily commute, Frank Recruitment Group calculated that someone will spend more than £1,350 per year if they attend the office twice per week.

Miles Grady, Director of, said: “Working from an office can help improve efficiency, communication and ease feelings of loneliness, but there’s no doubt it’s more expensive for contractors.”

“Contractors that could work remotely through the pandemic may have found themselves with more money left over at the end of the month. Now that spare cash is likely to get eaten up by rising fuel, energy, and food costs – and contractors are having to spend even more on getting back to the office.”

“We’ve seen examples of some companies offering subsidies to entice workers back to the office. Consultancy group PwC is giving commuters an extra £1,000 per year to come into the office, while Goldman Sachs is giving a free breakfast and lunch to some workers, but it’s not clear if these benefits are being extended to contractors as well.”

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