Hot Property - IT Contractors In Serious Demand As Skills Shortage Bites

Hot Property - IT Contractors In Serious Demand As Skills Shortage Bites

05/26/2015 - 11:35

2015 has seen some eye-catching headlines regarding the UK’s IT industry. Bold proclamations such as projections that London will trump Silicon Valley as the world’s tech capital within the next ten years, the growth of tech ‘clusters’ across Britain from Newcastle to Bristol, and the 65% jump in the number of new tech companies being registered in the UK.

Neil Armitage Operations Director, Umbrella Accountancy Services, commented -“All of which is music to the ears of IT contractors in particular. Why? Well, alongside the inexorable rise of Tech Britain, there is an acute skills shortage. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) recently revealed findings that show the market for permanent IT jobs is twice as short of much-needed talent as the freelance and contractual markets.

This glaring skills gap needs filling, and companies are increasingly turning to contractors for help. Those firms looking towards freelancers find a growing community of entrepreneurial go-getters at their fingertips. The number of specialists moving into self-employment has soared over the last five years: from 143,000 in 2009 to over 210,000 in 2014.”

There are certain skills that are in high demand amongst tech operators. IT contractors with experience in SQL, Java, C++ and Business Analysts are particularly sought after. With businesses scrapping over such a limited supply of talent, IT contractors are enjoying excellent project choice alongside with increasing pay rates. 

As 2015 places the General Election in the rear-view mirror and moves towards a future with a Conservative majority, business appetite for IT specialists has rebounded from the plateau of pre-election instability.

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All evidence, then, points towards another bumper year for IT contractors and freelancers, with increasing opportunities and improving pay packets abounding.