ISS Umbrella Company comes under BBC scrutiny

11/05/2012 - 11:57

ISS (International Subcontracting Solutions) Limited has come under scrutiny from a BBC investigation titled "State School Teachers Employed by Tax-Avoiding Firm".

It claims that ISS who are based in Sark, one of the Channel Islands and therefore outside UK tax legislation is helping 24,000 agency workers avoid National insurance costs and hence earn more than than other agency workers.

A large number of the agency workers are believed to be supply teachers.

The agency workers become employees of ISS.

It also claims that either the recruitment agency supplying the agency worker or the end client where they are working could face claims for the huge amounts of National Insurance that the UK is missing out on.

For the full article visit:

This article has now also been captured by the major UK newspapers so expect calls for this "loophole" to be addressed.

ISS commented that the BBC had no grounds to challenge its employees or business partners.

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