Study: Half of self-employed people are over 50

Study: Half of self-employed people are over 50

04/13/2023 - 14:02

The results of a new study from Rest Less show that flexible work is increasingly popular with the over-50s.

According to a survey from Rest Lessalmost 50% of self-employed people in the UK are 50 or older.

The same data shows flexible working is increasing in popularity, with the number of self-employed people over 50 rising by 18% in the last decade.

Working flexibly has several advantages that could appeal to older workers. Some of the benefits of flexible working can include higher paygreater autonomy at work, and a better work-life balance.

This long-term growth in self-employment reflects shifting attitudes about work and retirement and the changing economic situation. 

Rest Less say that a demand for greater flexibility at work and the necessity for some people to carry on working due to the cost-of-living crisis were key factors pushing more over-50s into self-employment.

Getting more over-50s back to work was a key goal for Jeremy Hunt in his recent Budget.

The Chancellor revealed a number of schemes to lure more early retirees back to the workforce, including “returnerships”skills boot camps, and a promise to abolish the lifetime tax-free limit for pensions savings.

Miles Grady, Director of, said:

“People are working longer for a wide range of reasons. Unfortunately, many over-50s report widespread age discrimination when trying to join or re-join the mainstream workforce.”

“Flexible working allows older workers to leverage their skills and experience to get the highest rate of pay for their labour. It also helps people manage their workload and get more satisfaction from work.

Working through an umbrella company means you can access many of the benefits of flexible working, without the hassle of running your own company.”

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