Demand for management-level contractors is on the up

Demand for management-level contractors is on the up

29 June 2015

The IMA – the body representing interim management providers – has released research data that makes happy reading for interim managers and senior-level contractors. Requirement levels are increasing, with 2014 demand for skilled managers eclipsing that of the previous year by over 20% in the final quarter alone.

Umbrella’s Operations Director Neil Armitage had this to say on the survey’s findings: “The survey’s results show a determined and sustained upward curve not only in demand for experience interim staff, but also in extended contracts and billable days for those professionals.”

“By the close of 2014, interim managers could count on average of 171 billable days: rewind to the end of 2013 and that number stood at 149, so that’s a really positive turnaround.”

“We’re also seeing more activity from the private sector as they really ramp up their staffing drives. In the last quarter of 2014, private sector assignments were responsible for over 65% of all completed mandates for interim staffers: that’s up from the 51% in the previous quarter of the same year, which again is great growth. And crucially the numbers look to be steady and sustainable.”

“In terms of sectors, we’re looking at strong demand in the financial services industry, with growth in both the pharmaceutical and the biotech industries across 2014. Overall, the private sector has reached the highest assignment demand level we have seen since the survey began in 2006. That kind of performance echoes wider feelings across many of the economic sectors that drive UK. There is a real sense that the country is continuing to pull away from the embers of the post-2008 landscape.”

“And with companies finding the confidence to open their wallets again, its no surprise they are turning to contracting professionals with the experience and skills to help them benefit from the positive economic environment we find ourselves in.”