Contracting Engineers

Could The UK’s Contracting Community Truly Bridge The North-South Divide?

26 February 2015

According to a set of much-discussed statistics, just over 4.5million people in the UK were classed as self-employed in 2014. That number is set to grow over the next few years as more of us seek our own working life destinies. One of the obvious attractions for many has been the suggestion – often true – that pay rates for freelancers and contractors outstrip earnings for the permanently employed.

However, more often than not it is London that is seen as the hotspot for lucrative contracting opportunities. For many observers, one glance at such a huge tech and financial centre makes this assumption natural. But that doesn’t tell the whole story about the true geographic variety displayed by the UK’s contracting community. Here’s Umbrella’s Sales Director, Dexter Dyer to tell us more: “Crossing the Rubicon at Watford may seem anathema to some people, but it would certainly open some eyes to the land of opportunity that lies beyond!”

“More and more highly-paid contractors are finding fortune outside of the crowded streets of our nation’s capital. Take the North West as an example. Contracting engineers find work in industrial powerhouses such as BAE Systems or Rolls Royce – between them responsible for more than 40,000 workers.  There is the notable presence of the likes of Shell, and Unilever, and major automotive operators are also thriving.”

“So if we ask the question: can contractors and freelancing professionals find rewarding professional opportunities away from London? The answer is a resounding yes! London and the South East will always be a tractor beam, especially for those working in tech and finance. But there are real signs that the North is fighting back and the balance can be somewhat redressed!”