Useful iPhone apps for Umbrella Company Contractors

6 August 2012

If you are new to contracting a key part is obviously being able to find the best contracts for you. To help do this there are a number of iPhone applications (apps) that offer to help. Areas covered include CV writing, interview technique and practice interview scenario's.

A quick search of the iPhone app store highlights the following on offer:

CV Coach - A free guide to writing a professional CV.

CV Writer - A paid for App that promises to create beautiful and impressive CV's.

Job Interview Questions - Offers to help you practice tough interview questions.

Interview Skills

Mock Job Interview

Others that could be of interest to contractors include:

Contractor Expenses Tracking


Contractor tax calculators for if you are working through your own limited company, PAYE through your agency or working through an Umbrella Company.

Contractor Talk Forums


If you are new to contracting and are looking for advice on the options available to you please call Paymatters New Enquiries Team on 0800 121 6513.

Please note Paymatters are not recommending any of the other iPhone apps so please research before buying!