NEW with Umbrella and CIS Max - Save up to 38% on Cinema Tickets!

NEW with Umbrella and CIS Max - Save up to 38% on Cinema Tickets!

7 September 2017

Friday Payments, discount shopping vouchers and personal accident cover are just some of the great perks of going Max.

You can now save up to 38% on cinema tickets with our new e-vouchers. Simply login to your rewards account, place your order and you will instantly receive an email with a voucher code to exchange at the cinema.  

Simply search ‘Cinema’ to start saving on your cinema tickets!

Our Umbrella and CIS Max packages include this fantastic benefit and will save you hundreds of pounds a year shopping in-store or online. You will get over 2000 vouchers, cashback offers and insurance products from some of the biggest high street brands including supermarkets. These discounts are not available to the public, you will just need to log into your secure account to shop and save. If you are already registered simply  login here.

If you would like to upgrade to our Umbrella Max or CIS Max package please contact our Customer Services Team on 01625 546610 to find out more.

"I’m really glad I opted for the max package as personal accident insurance was included. I got injured from a fall and it paid out £1,866 which really helped keep up my mortgage payments." Daniel R