Exciting PayMatters News

03/12/2014 - 08:08

We are delighted to announce that following the successful acquisition of umbrella.co.uk PayMatters Limited are going to be going through an exciting rebrand to Umbrella.
The new brand design has been chosen to reflect the services we offer to umbrella contractors and that they will be able to obtain various services under the one umbrella.

A complete rebrand will see us move to a younger more vibrant image that will appeal to the contractors using our service and to reflect the importance of a significant online presence and the provision of online portals and expense submission that we currently offer.

We are also planning the launch of a new umbrella app to allow smart phone/tablet access.

Part of the idea for the rebrand was that we want to stand out from the numerous other businesses that also have “pay” in their name.

Umbrella will be offering:

Umbrella Company – The same compliant and professional umbrella service currently offered through PayMatters.

Umbrella Accountants – Continuing to provide the service of Paymatters Accountancy Services to contractors working through their own limited company; and

Umbrella Insurance – Comprehensive cover for contractors who require additional protection.

Umbrella Savings – Plans to offer cost saving ideas and incentives to contractors.

A launch party and updated corporate incentives are planned for recruitment agencies that currently refer or are looking to refer to us.

Umbrella are also looking for new office premises in or around the Wilmslow area and are planning an office design to reflect our new image. We want Umbrella to be a vibrant and exciting place to work and to do business with.

Our aim is that Umbrella will be the No.1 business that people recommend.

To reflect this change our company names have been changed to Umbrella-Company Limited (and Umbrella Accountants LLP – formerly PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP).

Our new website and branding will be launched over the forthcoming 2 weeks.

Paymatters will remain as a trading name in the interim so there will be little change before that.

We hope that you will join us on our new journey.

Please note there is no change to the company structure of Paymatters Limited. It is merely a name change to the more exciting brand Umbrella. Our website and email addresses will also be changed to umbrella.co.uk. All existing contracts and employment statuses remain unchanged as we are still the same business entity.