PayMatters joins the Institute of Recruiters

05/09/2013 - 10:01
PayMatters Joins The IOR
PayMatters are delighted to join the Institute of Recruiters and add yet another string to our bow. We are already APSCo and Professional Passport approved and place great importance in our ethics, credibility and HMRC Compliance. We believe that in this ever changing political and legislatively compliant climate we need to have a flexible approach and the ability to meet the real needs of the agencies contractors and end user clients alike.
As many of our team are ex recruiters we feel that we have a true insight into the needs of the industry and therefore we have developed a tailored suite of unique solutions to enhance the profits of recruitment agencies and put more real money back in the pockets of our contractors and increase profitability of the end user clients.
  • A contractor requiring an umbrella company;
  • A contractor wishing to set-up your own limited company;
  • A company wanting to hand over your payroll stress and cost to a 3rd party;
  • A recruitment agency looking to simplify your payment of contractors; or
  • A building contractor worried about the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).
  • Services offered by PayMatters Group
PayMatters can meet all candidates’ tax, accounts and administration requirements:
  • Umbrella Companies for Contractors;
  • Set-up of Own Limited Companies for Contractors;
  • Limited Company year-end accounts and tax advice;
  • Company Payroll (for small, medium and large organisations);
  • Tax and Legal Advice;
  • Free Independent Financial Advice; and
  • Insurance Requirements.
With our tax calculator we can provide a free illustration comparing a contractor's take home pay if paid PAYE, Contractor Umbrella or by running their own limited company (often called Personal Services Company or PSC).
We help ensure that they claim all appropriate allowable expenses to minimise their tax liability while offering a host of other benefits.
We are a professional organisation offering value for money and we have a team of experienced and fully trained staff who are always keen to help.
We offer a 100% HMRC Compliant Umbrella Company Service covering the whole of the UK and can also help Building Contractors get paid through our CIS Service.
Through our sister company PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP we can provide accountancy, payroll and tax advice to help you run your own limited company.
We have advised over 4,000 contractors in the last 12 months and have numerous Testimonials on our website.
The Benefits of Joining PayMatters
We can help you:
  • Save time;
  • Save money;
  • Collect your expense invoices and claim back relevant reimbursements.
  • Remove the stress of having to do your own accounts, administration and tax; and therefore
  • Enable you to spend more of your time doing what you do best:
The Benefits of Referring to PayMatters
If you are a recruitment agency worried about The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) or Pensions Reform then at PayMatters Umbrella Company we will have a solution to help. AWR solutions include:
Fully Compliant Umbrella Company Model. Standard Umbrella Company service with Comparable Pay Rate Checker and Equal Treatment Questionnaire;
Own Limited Company. Enables qualifying contractors to operate outside the scope of IR35 and AWR; and
Unique to IOR Members
As well as our standard assurances of 100% legislative compliance with current HMRC and other European and central government legislation, IOR members will have direct access to our panel of experts along with two free hours per month of consultancy as required to discuss industry relevant topics. We will also provide you with two Free reports per year on legislative compliance.    
If you require more information or would like one of a member of staff to present the solutions in more detail then please contact us PayMatters on 0800 121 6513.


Earning more money or
Enjoying your free time - care and stress free.

Comment by Azmat Mohammed

“I am pleased to hear that PayMatters are taking compliance so seriously to ensure they operate in the best interest of their customers.  BY joining the IOR they further demonstrate their commitment to raising standards in the sector.”