Why an Umbrella Company?

Using an Umbrella Company removes all the stress and legal requirements of running and being a Director of your own limited company but with the benefits of limited liability status and professional insurance.

We ensure you are truly 100% Compliant while also ensuring your net earnings are maximised by processing valid business expenses to reduce your tax and NI liabilities. Tax saving are also available through our Group Pension and Child Care Voucher Scheme.

Why go Limited?

Operating your own Limited Company means more responsibility but also much more flexibility. If you don’t mind some additional paperwork, managing your company’s financial affairs and plan on contracting for the long term then forming and operating your own Limited Company can make a significant difference to the amount of cash that ends up in your pocket each year.

More About Umbrella.co.uk

We provide best value and compliant Umbrella, Accountancy Services and Business Support Solutions to over 3000 contractors and freelancers. We continue to be adaptable and flexible working to agency's needs and operational processes.

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