Why an Umbrella Company?

Using an Umbrella Company removes the stress of running your own limited company. At Umbrella we ensure you are 100% Compliant while also ensuring your net earnings are maximised by processing valid business expenses. Tax saving are also available through Umbrella Group Pension and Child Care Vouchers. We are happy to discuss all options with you: Umbrella Company, Own Limited Company or PAYE by your agency. Our net pay calculator can help you decide if an Umbrella Company is best for you.

Umbrella Company v Limited

Operating your own Limited Company means more responsibility than working through an Umbrella Company but also higher earnings potential. Umbrella would act as your contractor accountant ensuring that your accountancy and taxation requirements are met with the minimum of stress. Umbrella are happy to run through a comparison of Limited Company v Umbrella Company including a net pay calculation and the day to day workings.

More About Umbrella.co.uk

Umbrella provide best value and compliant Umbrella Company, Accountancy Services and Business Support Solutions to over 3000 contractors and freelancers. We are adaptable and flexible to meet an agency's needs and operational processes ensuring contractors are paid accurately and on time, every time.

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