Umbrella Services Testimonials

Please find below a few of our recent testimonials from people who have joined our Umbrella Company. We hope that they show that at Umbrella we are focused on providing an excellent service at a very competitive cost.
A key part of the service at Umbrella is you are appointed your own account manager and can ring or email them directly. There is no being passed from pillar to post or having to re-explain your query or circumstances:
August 2014

I will when required contact Umbrella again for their services. Very satisfactory all round. - Ron F.

Jo Jackson was great she was very supportive and answered all my questions and always responded very quickly. Naomi M.

if I have a long term locum contract will hopefully use you guys again. - Uzma H.

The change in attitude from the previous organization was so marked that I wonder I was able to last with them so long. The staff have always been very helpful and polite, giving me the assistance and guidance with a smile in their voices.  Keep up the good work. - Malcolm G.

The service from Paymatters is far superior to that of Paystream - Mike C.

Just like to say a thank you for your service over the past 6 months. - Clint S.  

Thanks for all your help a very easy and efficient service would use, and definitely recommend !! - Pat M.

I am now paid through my own Ltd company. I thought the services you provided were good and all the assistance I was given was great. - Joseph M.

I found Umbrella Ltd very friendly, fair and easy to use, and will definitely recommend you to any  freelancers looking. - Jim M.

Has had a very good experience with umbrella, would of stayed if not been given a permanent role - Garry B.

Fantastic experience.  Many thanks for looking after me for so long and I would highly recommend yourselves to any staff members who are working temporary. - Mark T.

It has been a pleasure working with you. - Sarah S.

July 2014

I came from another Umbrella company to you and I have had a very good experience. I am also glad I switched. If I have to use an umbrella company next time it will definitely be yours. Thank you Peter Langham for all your help. - Yvonne G.

I have always found the Umbrella staf to be most helpfull whenever I have needed to contact you. - Andy W.

Overall the service is very good and all reps were very polite and helpful when i had any questions. I was always paid on time and the correct amount i was expecting. - Amy T.

Always helpful if I had any problem's,  good experience. - Ronald E.

I am very happy with the payroll support I have had with Umbrella Ltd over the last 2 years, I have always received my payments on time and with the correct payroll paperwork. I did have some minor queries with the process and payroll but this was swiftly taken care of by my account manager. I now look forward to my permanent role with Birmingham City Council, I will not hesitate in returning back to Umbrella Ltd to support me with payroll if I return to being an independent contractor in the future. Thank you for your support and best wishes for the future. - Zafir A.

Overall, very satisfied with the service. Jo Jackson has been fantastic in her support, advice and resolving my endless queries! I will use and recommend Umbrella in the future. All the best. - Irfan M.

I would like to personally thank you for all your support, and feel that Paymatters / Umbrella have provided me with an excellent service - Dennis O.

Great, thanks for letting me know, just wanted to pass on some feedback from Gareth….he has spoken to a few umbrella companies and found you guys to be the most knowledgeable and helpful :) - Nikola D.

You've been great service and I would gladly recommend you to anyone - Ross E.

I have excellent service in all aspects - Alan F.

June 2014

My experience has been excellent, staff have always been very helpful and made the process of setting up an account and managing my expenses very straightforward.  I would definitely recommend to others for great service and support at every step of the process - Louise W

I would like to use an opportunity and express my pleasure and big thanks working with you! - Raimonda S.

Painless experience indeed.  Always helpful and quick to resolve any problems. Never any late payments....so would happily recommend - Adam W.

I have been very happy using Umbrella.co.uk, I would definitely recommend them to anyone.  Any issues that have arisen have been dealt with quickly and resolved satisfactorily.  Sarah, my account manager was always helpful whenever I needed to contact her - Martin M.

Thanks for all your help. I would definitely recommend you to friends/colleagues - Mandy H.

I have been very satisfied with Umbrella and would recommend your services to others! - Ian E.

My overall impression of umbrella.co.uk is excellent.  The service is excellent.  I would like to thank everyone at umbrella.co.uk for your wonderful service to me and a big thank you to Kelly Sherburn who has looked after myself.  Many thanks - Steve D.

Very good indeed.  Umbrella made contracting very straightforward and I would have no hesitation in recommending Umbrella to others - Andy J.

Hi Jo. In response to the questionnaire on Umbrella...one word, excellent on all counts - Graeme M.

Thanks for all your support during my British Gas contract. If I ever need an umbrella company again I will definitely come back to you. I have been very pleased with the service I have received from you and the team at Umbrella. All the best for the future. - Helen O.

I found the experience very positive - Doug C.

I'm really pleased with the service you and Umbrella provide - Dr Craven.

New to contracting, I was unsure of the processes but any questions were dealt with efficiently and professionally.  The staff have always been exceptionally helpful and friendly and the support of my account manager Jo Jackson was excellent! - Elaine S.

I am more than satisfied with the level of service I have received and would recommend Umbrella in the future.  All the best, thanks for the outstanding level of service! - Gary B.

I was very satisfied with the service have received from Umbrella LTD and would not hesitate to recommend the service to others  as well as using the service again. As a client I have received a very friendly and prompt customer service. I also found the processing of the time sheets very straight forward in comparison on other umbrella companies - Kerstin K.

I'm leaving umbrella as my contract is up and I've gone back to a permanent job. Umbrellas services have been excellent and any problems where quickly resolved in the year I used your services - Adam V.


Has had a very good experience with umbrella, would of stayed if not been given a permanent role 

Garry B (August 2014)