How Much Will I Take Home?

The amount of weekly or monthly take home pay you receive depends on a few key factors like your hourly or daily rate, how often you work and any allowable expenses you can claim

Are you a public sector contractor?  Find out how the April legislation changes will affect you and what to do next.

An umbrella employee you may be able to claim allowable expenses while working on a temporary site. The range of legitimate expenses can include things like travel and meal costs while travelling between locations, as well as hotel bills for when you are working away.

One size doesn't fit all. For a personalised take home pay illustration and best advice  speak to our experienced team today. Call: 0800 121 6513.

At Umbrella.co.uk we also support our contractors after they’ve been paid.

Our Umbrella Max package can help make your take home pay stretch further. By signing up for Umbrella Max you can get sizeable discounts at leading retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Boots, John Lewis, Morrisons and M&S. Umbrella Max employees also benefit from a comprehensive personal accident insurance policy, which provides a financial safety net in case you ever get injured. See more details.

Find out about claiming your expenses?

What are Umbrella.co.uk’s costs?

To learn more about Umbrella expenses and rewards, or to get a rough estimate of how much pay you will take home each week, speak to a member of the accounts team today. Call: 0800 121 6513.  


"I’m really glad I opted for the max package as personal accident insurance was included. I got injured from a fall and it paid out £1,866 which really helped keep up my mortgage payments." Daniel R

I found the whole process of contracting quite stressful, mainly due to the agency not providing me with the correct information at the outset.  The agency were not interested in helping me when my pay was incorrect.  Thankfully Hannah and Natasha were brilliant and really helped sort things out for me.  They were not only responsive to my queries but they proactively picked up issues, for example letting me know when there was going to be a problem with my pay or when they had not heard from the agency.  Hannah unfortunately was on the receiving end of my frustration a number of times and was always extremely patient and understanding and ultimately sorted everything out for me.

Liane J (January 2016)