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Make life easier and save time - bulk explain transactions in FreeAgent
marketing | 27 September 2016
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If you have more than one unexplained transaction related to the same category on your FreeAgent portal, you can explain these in one go by clicking on the ‘more options’ tab and tick the relevant transactions.  For instance if you have bought a number of train tickets you can quickly allocate all of those transactions to travel costs in a few clicks.

Latest Audi technology helps contractors stay in touch on the move
marketing | 6 September 2016
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In today’s world of relentless communication and notifications, many people have become inseparably reliant on their mobile phones. This is especially true for businesspeople, particularly contractors, who are in charge of their own businesses and need to remain a phone call away from clients, subcontractors and others.

In-car technology is continuously improving and Audi, whose cars remain ever popular when it comes to business car leasing, has just announced an upgrade to the firm’s Phone Box technology that will make staying in touch even easier for contractors with iPhone 6 and 6s smartphones.

marketing | 5 August 2016
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Congratulations to Nicola who is our employee of the month for July. 

“Nicola has been an exemplary member of staff since joining as an apprentice in December 2015. Her work ethic, attention to detail and friendly demeanor have won her accolades from clients as well as her peers and she has rapidly risen to the role of Semi-Senior in a short space of time. “

Neil Armitage - Operations Director 

The Great Umbrella Bake Off 2016! Umbrella Accountants are still battling it out with their baking skills.

This week Sophie Evitts baked some truly scrumptious M&M - Choc Orange - Dime Bar Brownies!!

Watch out for more delicious bakes over the coming weeks! To make sure everyone in the department takes part they have the motto “No Bakey, No Cakey!”

Sophie's provided the recipe below. Her secret top tip is "Replace the crème eggs with crispy M&Ms', Terrys Chocolate orange and Dime"

Louise Stephens-Pantoja wins Employee of the Month

Since Louise joined Umbrella as our new Claims Manager in April, she has consistently gone the extra mile to deliver new ideas and services for our customers.

Well done Louise!

Nicholas Holmes, CEO of, has been elected to the Board of the FCSA
marketing | 26 September 2016
/ / / are delighted to announce that Nicholas Holmes, CEO of, has been elected to the Board of the FCSA (Freelancer & Contractor Services Association). is an associate member of the FCSA which is now the largest trade body for compliance in our sector, and has very stringent criteria for membership.

marketing | 5 August 2016

Sheraz Sheikh of our accountancy team surprised everybody with this delicious Marble cake. We never knew our accountancy department would be such keen bakers! 

triple chocolate tart

Abbie Muirhead from our accountancy team satisfied everybody's sweet tooth with her triple chocolate tart. 

On the road: safety reminder and a welcome new partnership
marketing | 5 July 2016
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The latest research from AA Drivetech provides a timely reminder for contractors driving to fixed places of work for set time periods. Looking at road fatalities spanning 2009 to 2014, the study found that a higher number of drivers were killed whilst commuting on a regular journey than staff driving to varying destinations for work reasons, such as to meetings or when making deliveries.

‘Punishment budget’ dropped after Brexit vote

The Chancellor George Osborne has withdrawn plans for an emergency ‘punishment’ budget - that could have resulted in higher taxes and lower levels of public spending - in the wake of the referendum vote for Brexit.

This spells good news for contractors, who have been stung as a result of several recent budget statements from the current Chancellor...