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US IT companies make gender discrimination payouts

A series of high-profile technology companies, including Google and LinkedIn, have made huge gender discrimination payouts to female employees, but could it accelerate the shift towards equal pay in the UK?

Technology giant Google has agreed a $118 million payout to female staff who were paid less than male colleagues. The payment brings a five-year lawsuit to a close in a case that included approximately 15,500 female claimants.

The Google case followed hot on the heels of a case at Microsoft-owned Lin

4Dm1n | 8 July 2014

A recent CBI / PwC survey into the health of the UK’s financial services sector has revealed a mainly positive outlook coming into the 2nd half of 2014. There were over 90 firms interviewed, with a vast majority predicting a steady increase in business volumes, increases in profitability and subsequent rise in new hire opportunities.

A glance around the UK’s media landscape reveals certain themes to the column inches and news clips we consume. In particular, the subject of pensions takes up a daily residency in our economic news diet.