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UK Parliament

Following weeks of tumult, debate and finally the climatic vote, Scotland spoke and opted to remain part of the Union. Nearly 3.7million people voted, with the ‘No’ camp winning out in the end with over 55% of the votes cast.

On September 18th, the Scottish independence referendum will take place. A hotly contested debate has taken in issues such as currency options, education policy and the potential for EU membership should Scotland vote ‘Yes’. Somewhat inevitably, however, the discussion has focused on a perpetual economic hot potato: North Sea oil.

Freelancers Labour Party

The Labour Party has returned to Manchester for the annual conference, set this time to the backdrop of the recent referendum on Scottish independence. Amidst the fall out from the vote, however, lobbying is taking place to further encourage the party’s decision makers to take a serious look at how freelancers and contractors are considered from a policy standpoint.