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4Dm1n | 18 July 2011

In respect of AWR we believe we were the first umbrella company to recognise there is no one solution available to meet the needs of all recruitment agencies, end clients or contractors. At PayMatters we are therefore offering all available solutions and are happy to work with referrers to build bespoke solutions if requested.

The Bribery Act comes into force from 1st July 2011 and below are how PayMatters Umbrella Company are planning to adhere to its requirements in respect of incentives we currently pay to help generate recruitment agency referrals:

4Dm1n | 7 June 2011

Following the Office of Tax Simplification review of IR35 and the Government proposing to keep IR35 in the last Budget, HMRC have introduced a forum to review how administration is being improved.

4Dm1n | 29 April 2011

At PayMatters we are open to all options to address the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) to ensure contractors working through our umbrella company have at least parity with permanent staff performing the same role at the same client.

4Dm1n | 23 March 2011
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The day has finally arrived and contractors will be eagerly waiting to see what the Chancellor, George Osborne, proposes to do with the much hated IR35.

Much hated because it is not always clear to contractors whether they will be caught by it or not and the effects of being caught could mean a large unexpected tax bill.

4Dm1n | 21 June 2011

We recently attended an excellent KPMG Conference on AWR and thought the following points they made were key to considering the risk of AWR to Recruitment Agencies:

4Dm1n | 8 June 2011

The Agency Workers Regulations come into force on 1st October 2011 meaning that any contractors you are currently placing who will have contracts beyond 24th December 2011 will be affected by the legislation.

The 24th December is the key date as it is the 12 week qualifying period after the 1st October.

The good news is at PayMatters we are here to help.

4Dm1n | 31 May 2011

The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) come into force on 1st October 2011 and these put added burden on the requirements of people employing agency workers. This affects the end client where the contractor is working, the recruitment agency who places the contractor and any umbrella company if the contractor is being employed through them.

The good news is that by working with PayMatters we can help take away some of this burden.

Following on from yesterdays budget the key changes for contractors working through Umbrella Companies or through their own Personal Service Companies (PSC) can be summarised as follows:

In todays budget although IR35 didn't get scrapped there was one small bit of good news for contractors who currently get reimbursed for travel in their own car in carrying out assignments.

Instead of being able to be reimbursed tax free at 40p per mile this rate has now increased to 45p per mile (for the first 10,000 miles in the tax year).

This change comes into effect from 6th April 2011.