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editor | 15 August 2012
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In the Isle of Man the Income Tax Division on behalf of The Treasury have issued a consultation document with the aim of amending their current legislation in respect of PSC's (Personal Service Companies).

People googling "Which is the Best Umbrella Company?" will find many sites listing the "Top 10 Umbrella's". Most of these sites however are sites where you have to pay for listings.

editor | 6 August 2012
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If you are new to contracting a key part is obviously being able to find the best contracts for you. To help do this there are a number of iPhone applications (apps) that offer to help. 

editor | 26 July 2012

Could the recent scandal regarding people working for BBC (including many famous faces) being paid through a 3rd party (i.e. off payroll) going to affect umbrella company workers?

PayMatters also operate a number of additional resource websites for people looking for information about working through a contractor umbrella company,paye, ir35 or contracting.

This is a common query on Contractor Forums: My Recruitment Agency wants me to use their recommended umbrella company. Do I have to switch?

Normally the simple answer is YES!

Many people that become contractors fall into it. They may be looking for a job through a recruitment agency and the only positions available are temporary contracts. Others it is a long term career choice. 

editor | 30 July 2012

Contractors worried about getting a mortgage often ask is it easier to get one while working through an Umbrella Company than it is working as a contractor through their own limited company.

editor | 20 July 2012
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The high profile criticism of the BBC paying over 300 people through their own personal service companies (or PSC's) continues to rumble on. People are rumoured to include Jeremy Paxman and Fiona Bruce.

The BBC has reported that 148 of it's on screen presenters, actors or artists have been paid through their own personal service companies (limited companies) rather than as employees.