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How Brexit Will Affect Contractors

Brexit day is fast approaching and there is little certainty over how the negotiations will turn out.

Whatever happens, Brexit is likely to impact contractors in the UK. There may be some benefits in the short and long term, but many contractors are also likely to face some restrictions on their work.

In this blog post, we investigate the most likely Brexit outcomes and how they will affect contractors in the UK.

marketing | 17 September 2015
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A recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling will have some important consequences for European employment law - specifically for contractors under the Working Time Directive (WTD).

Last week, the ECJ ruled that a group of Spanish workers with no ‘fixed or habitual’ workplace should have their time travelling to and from their first and last appointments counted against the 48 hour maximum working week.

The case involved a team of burglar alarm technicians who sometimes spent three hours travelling home at the end of their working day.

The European court ruled that these contractors should receive remuneration for the time they spent travelling to and from work, because they are at their ‘employer’s disposal’, carrying out their activities and duties ‘in accordance with national laws and/or practices’.

To keep contractors up to speed on their entitlements under European law, we’ve explained three of the most important details of the ECJ ruling: 

Businesses: Don’t get stung by GDPR
marketing | 27 April 2018
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On May 25th 2018 a new EU regulation could mean big fines for businesses of all sizes if they don’t follow new personal data and privacy rules.  

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the 1995 Data Protection Directive and will restrict the way that businesses collect, store and export personal data.

This includes data held on customers, potential customers, suppliers, employees and any other EU residents.