Editor | 3 October 2010

90% of the Equality Act came into force on 1st October 2010.

The Act brings together various bits of legislation in respect to equality in the workplace and includes protecting against discrimination on health or gender grounds.

Editor | 9 September 2010

A new computer system at HMRC has highlighted that over 6m people have previously been undercharged in calculating their tax bill. The good news is that there are also over 4m people who are due a refund.

HMRC have started sending out letters so expect to find out soon if you owe money or are owed money!

Editor | 9 August 2010

What is an Over-arching Contract? An overarching contract with an umbrella company allows you to be recognised as an employee of the umbrella company and to therefore benefit from the statutory entitlements of being an employee.

Editor | 31 March 2010

The simple answer is yes you could have 2 Umbrella Companies.

It is just the same as having two jobs or 2 employers.

Editor | 24 March 2010
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If you're a contractor worried about how today's budget may affect you and your family then the good news is PayMatters will be providing a summary as it happens.

Editor | 1 October 2010

From today (1st October 2010) the National Minimum Wage has increased from £5.80 to £5.93 per hour.

If you are working through an umbrella company this can affect you if you receive a very low or zero commission element in your normal wages.

As with most budgets there is good and bad news! Here we look at the changes that are most likely to effect people contracting in the UK.

No huge shocks with duty increases on high value home purchases and the usual culprits: beer, tobacco and petrol!

Income Tax and Personal Allowances. No change to rates previously announced. The changes previously announced mean the following changes from 6th April 2010:

Editor | 17 September 2009
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HMRC have the following advice for contractors who expect their contract to be for a term greater than 2 years.